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CCG - Chemme Co Group

Unique Technologies That Solve Problems!

Aluminum - Stainless Steel 

Brighteners - Cleaning Agents

*Environmentally Friendly*

*Dilutable Strength Molecule*

*Safe on Polished Aluminum*

*Safe on Glass*

*Safe on Chrome*

*Removes Oxidation*

*Acid Alternative*

"METAL MASTER" Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brightening - Cleaning Agents are Readily Biodegradable. Safe on glass and skin. "METAL MASTER" is infused with an active ingredient that is used under the food additive code E260 as an acidity regulator and as a condiment. As a food additive it is approved for usage in the EU[6] USA[7] and Australia and New Zealand [8]. 

"METAL-MASTER" does no contain H/F, and is safe on highly polished Aluminum and Stainless Steel.