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CCG - Chemme Co Group

Unique Technologies That Solve Problems!

FORM RELEASE AGENT with 2x re-agents 

"The Resistance" is a custom formulated release agent. 100% organic *Environmentally Friendly*

* 2X Reactive Agent, High Coverage Rate

* Non-Staining, Eliminates bug holes

* Biodegradable - Safe - No VOC's

* D.O.T. Non-regulated, Non-hazardous

 "RESISTANCE" Release Agents are Oil Based, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Cause No Skin Irritation - Humans.

"Armed Forces" 4x anti-stick agent

This amazing product is unlike anything you've used or seen before. It keeps concrete from sticking to your equipment to make clean-up easier.

* Eliminates Sticking - Protects Paint *

* Forms a Molecular film, sealing pores and repelling build-up *

Non-Stick for Ultimate Protection

* Produces a clear ultra slick armor coating *

* Low odor, Low VVC, and Water Borne *

* It is chemically resistant, weather resistant, and stain resistant while being durable and abrasion resistant *

*Sticks to all paints, metals, steels, plastics, woods, concrete and more*