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CCG - Chemme Co Group

Unique Technologies That Solve Problems!

Oil Spill Dissolver - 

Oil Spot Remover -

Oil Dispersant -

Chemme.Co's "MUSE" Oil Spill Dissolvers, Dispersants, and Oil Spot Removers are Readily Biodegradable. Disperse oil slicks on water and are safe on concrete, asphalt, and other paving - flooring surfaces. Will get grease and oil stains out of driveways, concrete, asphalt, pavers, and any other hard surface! In fact, it is safe for all surfaces.

Chemme.Co's "MUSE" Oil Spill Dissolvers, and Dispersants meet the guidelines of the EPA DFE - Designed For the Environment Program!

'"MUSE" 2 X Oil Spill Dissolver

1 gallon, Oil spill dissolver, non-hazardous, readily biodegradable, safe